Arterial vasospasm reduces blood flow to the distal extremities, including the toes.


Raynauds is largely idiopathic, but can also be associated or triggered with exposure to cold temperatures or stress levels.

Signs and Symptoms

In addition to cold toes, an individual with Raynaud’s may also experience:

  • Pain in the affected digits or area
  • Changing skin color to white, red, blue, or purple
  • Swelling, Numbness or stinging
  • Decreased sensation


Treatment of Raynaud’s may fall on a broad spectrum of lifestyle changes, like smoking or caffeine cessation, maintaining regular exercise, and controlling stress levels. Conservative treatment may include:

  • Warming the extremities in a gentle warm water soak
  • Managing heat by wearing warm socks
  • Ensuring that footwear is non-restrictive and does not compress blood vessels, pinch or bind the toes.
  • Wearing Correct Toes to spread the toes, to help reduce compression forces on the small arteries that branch at the ball of the foot and deliver blood to the toes.

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