Feet 101

You were born with perfect feet. Unfortunately, conventional footwear design features can change your natural foot and toe alignment over time. Learn more about the complexities of natural human foot design.

Foot Conditions & Problems

Dive into the specifics of common foot conditions and problems. Within this section, you can learn about the causes, signs and symptoms and treatment of common foot ailments.

Video Library

Bring Dr. McClanahan’s knowledge, demonstrations and explanations right into your home. This section includes a variety of Correct Toes and natural foot-related videos. Search helpful topics such as common foot problems and Correct Toes modifications.

Medical Professionals

There may be a supportive medical professional or Correct Toes retailer close to you! Use this interactive map to search your area. Be sure to call in advance to see if they have Correct Toes in stock.

Articles & Studies

This section digs into the science and research of natural foot health. Increase your knowledge on a variety of topics ranging from shoe construction to arch support to gait and biomechanics.

NWFA Circle
Northwest Foot & Ankle

Northwest Foot and Ankle is a sports podiatry clinic in Portland, OR. Dr. Ray McClanahan, DPM, inventor of Correct Toes, Dr. Samuel Oltman, ND, and Dr. Natasha Kassam, ND, focus on treating the root cause of foot problems. Click this link to get information about clinic services and hours of operation.

Tips and How-Tos

This section consists of helpful information, DIY tips and how-tos covering a wide variety of topics, including how to place metatarsal pads, how to modify shoes, how to customize Correct Toes, how to transition to naturally shaped footwear, and how to pick Correct Toes-compatible footwear.


Listen to a variety of interviews with Dr. Ray McClanahan and other health and fitness professionals. Learn about topics such as natural podiatry, the perils of footwear and running the distance. Stream or download these podcasts at your convenience.

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