Correct Toes Size Guide: How to Choose Your Toe Spacer Size

Correct Toes is the only toe spacer brand in the market that offers different sizes. Ranging from Extra Small which is mostly for kids, Small for kids and small-sized adults, Medium and Large for adults of average to larger sizes. These toe separators are customizable based on your foot’s unique shape. 

Many people might assume that their Correct Toes size should be solely based on their shoe size, wrong. The perfect toe spacer size is determined by the width of your foot and toes. But you can have your shoe size as the basis for estimating your toe spacer size.

Correct Toes size guide

Not Yet Convinced? Here’s How You Can Choose Your Correct Toes Size

If you’re in between sizes or still not sure which size Correct Toes you need, we can help you figure out your size with this easy-to-use, printable Correct Toes sizing template and follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Download and Print the Correct Toes Template

Print the sizing template and use it to check your toe’s width.

Before printing, please note that this document is 8.5 inches x 11 inches. Be sure to print “actual size”. Do not print with “fit to page” or “scale” options selected.

Step 2: Cut Out the Template and Test it on your toes

Using the sizing pattern, position point Ⓐ at the webbing between your big toe and 2nd toe of your right foot. 

Visual 4

Keep point Ⓐ in place, while you check the alignment of point Ⓑ with the webbing between your 4th toe and pinky toe. Here’s how you can determine the proper fitting of your Correct Toes toe spacers:

Frame 43

Step 3: Ensure that you’re comfortable with the fitting

To confirm if you already scored the proper fitting, spread your big toe and pinky toe outward, aligned to the toe spacer pattern, as if the spacer is actually between your toes. How does the stretch feel? 

✅ Correct Toes flex, and won’t spread toes quite as far as you pull them in this step. If the stretch hurts, try a smaller size or consider modification.

Check the width and girth, do your middle 3 toes fit between the spacer indicators?

✅Correct Toes should not squeeze tightly, or strangulate toes. 

✅Flip the cutout over to check your left foot, if desired.

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