Foot Conditions & Toe Problems

Foot Conditions & Problems

We are dedicated to providing you with free education and resources! We have found that many foot ailments can be alleviated, reversed and prevented when the foot is allowed to be in natural alignment. Natural and conservative treatment options are outlined for each of the common conditions and problems found in the list to the left.

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Articles & Studies

Don’t take our word for it, read the research and learn from the scientists and medical professionals that support natural foot alignment.

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Correct Toes YouTube Channel

Watch Dr. Ray and learn detailed explanations of foot health, product use and helpful tricks. Click here to improve upon your foot knowledge.

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Medical Professionals

Use this interactive map and store locator to find a Correct Toes provider near you. Be sure to call in advance to see if they have Correct Toes in stock.

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Correct Toes Blog

Updated frequently with enlightening foot-healthy articles, events, and stories. Follow us to learn more.

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