Crooked Toes

Crooked Toes

Umbrella term, including many toe abnormalities, including hammertoes, claw toe, mallet toe, adductoverus toe, and curly toe.


Inappropriate footwear is the leading cause of different types of crooked toes. Footwear with elevated heels, rigid soles, tapered toe boxes, and toe-spring forces toes into unusual positions, encouraging muscle or tendon imbalances. Curved toes may be associated with past foot trauma.

Signs and Symptoms

The most frequently experienced symptoms associated with crooked toes include:

  • Toe pain, burning, or irritation when wearing shoes
  • Skin thickening
  • Inflammation and redness
  • Toe contracture


A podiatrist or other appropriate healthcare professional can provide strategies to help reduce the progression of your crooked toe problem or advise adductovarus toe treatment. Physical therapy, toe joint manipulation, and stretching of the muscles and tendons surrounding toes may provide some reduction of the deformity. Common treatment strategies for this health problem include:

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