Fibroma (Plantar)

Fibroma (Plantar)

Irregular nodule of collagen fibers within the connective tissue of the plantar fascia


As stress is placed on the plantar fascia, the tissue can undergo small tears. The body rapidly lays down collagen fibers to repair damage, typically in an irregular and erratic way causing tissue to bulge. The plantar fascia can be stressed within conventionally shaped footwear that elevates the heel and the toes, keeping the plantar fascia in a chronically stressed and lengthened position. With repeated stress, the plantar fascia continues this tear/repair process, increasing the size of the nodule slowly over time.

Signs and Symptoms

Deep, occasionally painful bump(s) along the bottom of the foot, or medial longitudinal arch. A physician can confirm the condition via palpation, biopsy or via MRI.


Conservative measures can help reduce the pain and discomfort of a plantar fibroma. The most common non-surgical approaches to treating plantar fibromas include:

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