Bursitis (Infracalcaneal)

Bursitis (Infracalcaneal)

Inflammation of a bursa, or fluid filled sac


Bursas can form and become inflamed throughout the body. This is typically due to local irritation, trauma, friction and prolonged repetitive movements can cause pain

Signs and Symptoms

Pain and inflammation commonly develop under the heel bone (infracalcaneal), or behind the heel bone (retrocalcaneal). Common signs and symptoms associated with infracalcaneal bursitis include:

  • Pain or ache in the middle part of the underside of your heel
  • Pain or discomfort that increases with prolonged weight-bearing activities
  • Pain and swelling under the heel
  • Redness under the heel


Long term recovery and prevention can be achieved by changing footwear to naturally shaped, flat and flexible. Common conservative treatment options include;

  • Temporary Rest
  • Heel Cups/Cushions
  • Natural Anti-Inflammatories

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