Walking Barefoot With Your Best Friend – by Yoshua Greenfield


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Ever since I can remember I have loved being barefoot. Stripping my shoes off, putting my feet on the ground, and running and playing has always been a rather nourishing and enjoyable experience whether on a beach, grass, or even hardwood floor. But most of my life I have lived in a shod world, surrounded by shoes, and was taught to believe that I needed to wear shoes in most situations for protection and societal normalcies. Whether it be in stores, walking from place to place, or on trails, I was always told that I needed some protection on my feet.

But over time something shifted within me, a voice beckoning me to take off my shoes. It wasn’t until I started learning about how incredible the foot was that I found myself wanting to be barefoot more and more, even kicking off my hiking boots to hike, and eventually starting to run, barefoot on trails of all terrain.

So I say, free the foot! I wrote this book to share all that I have come to learn about the wonderful world of feet. Whether you want to learn about going barefoot full time, are interested in barefoot running, or simply want to develop a better relationship with your feet, this book was written to speak directly to your sole.

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