Shoe Liner Test™

Shoe Liner Test

The Shoe Liner Test is a helpful way to determine your correct shoes size. Since shoes are made all over the world, sizes are not consistent across brands. To determine your best fit, just follow these easy steps.

CT shoelinertest 1
1 | Remove Shoe Liner

When you’re at the shoe store, remove the liner or insole from within shoe.

CT shoelinertest 2
2 | Stand on Liner

With Correct Toes on, all of your toes should fit on the liner.

CT shoelinertest 3
3 | Leave Some Space

There should be at least a half a thumb, or whole thumb’s width of length at the end of your toes.

CT shoelinertest 4
4 | No Liner? Stand on Shoe

Turn the shoe over, place the opposite foot on overturned sole. With Correct Toes on, all of the toes should fit well within the borders of the sole.

CT shoelinertest 5
5 | If Shoe is Almost Perfect

There are some simple modifications you can do to add a little bit of extra room. Please see our shoe modifications page.

CT approved1
6 | Approved Shoes

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