The 10 Best Wide Toe Shoes for Optimal Foot Health and Comfort


Do you have trouble finding shoes with enough room in the toe box? We’re here to help! We’ve pulled together a list of the top 10 widest toe box shoes. All of the shoes on this list are Correct Toes approved and respect the natural shape of the foot. If you find that you need a little extra room in your shoes, we recommend removing the liner to gain more width.


Softstar | Primal RunAmoc


Designed with an extra wide toe box, the Primal RunAmoc allows toes to splay freely and easily accommodates Correct Toes. It’s handmade with natural leathers and a flexible Vibram outsole. The Primal RunAmoc is currently the widest natural toe box shoe on the market.


Ahinsa | All Styles


Designed by a physiotherapist, all of Ahinsa’s footwear offers a generous amount of room in the toe box. Each of their shoe styles promote natural foot function through a flexible design and a sole that’s flat from heel-to-toe. Ahinsa shoes are ethically handmade and designed with cruelty free material that’s 100% vegan. Custom sizing is also available.


Feelmax | Kuuva 4

kuuva_4 (1)

The Kuuva 4 is a natural foot friendly waterproof boot. The upper is made from leather and nylon, with an additional waterproof mid-lining. The 4 mm lugs will provide your feet with the traction they need without sacrificing ground feel.


Lems | Boulder Boot 




This boot can handle everything from pavement to trail. Providing ample space in the toe box, the Boulder Boot is lightweight, naturally shaped and very flexible. Feet will stay dry and warm with the water resistant and flannel-lined upper.


Softstar | Dash


The Softstar Dash is constructed with premium leather and a Vibram sole. With a 5 mm Trail sole or 2 mm Street sole, the Dash is extremely flexible and comes in narrow, regular and wide widths. We suggest the wide width for the best fit with toe spacers like Correct Toes.


Som Footwear | All Styles 

DSC03158 angleTH cropped

Som Footwear’s multi-purpose shoes have a natural foot shape design, a highly durable SOM sole and a flexible canvas upper. Their footwear is incredibly lightweight, and all of their styles are Vegan-friendly.



The Drifter Leather | Custom Shoe Styles 


The Drifter Leather offers custom-made shoes crafted with high quality leather uppers and Vibram outsoles. Their shoes can be made to an individual’s specific foot measurements, providing a custom fit to accommodate toe separators.


Altra Running |  Escalante 


The Escalante is a lightweight, zero-drop shoe with a 25mm stack height. There’s plenty of width at the ends of the toes in both the men’s and women’s version, and the knit upper lends some additional room and flexibility.




Fitkicks are light, flexible and allow for natural foot movement. Easy to slip into, they feature a protective toe guard and a stretchy upper material that forms to the feet.




Glerups blend 100% natural Merino and Gotland wool to create slippers that offer comfort and breathability. This slipper has two sole options – an indoor sole made of vegetable tanned calf skin or an outdoor rubber sole.

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