Freet Flex – Black


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Everyday zero-drop barefoot shoe suitable for sports and casual use.

  • All Freet shoes are fully flexible, have a roomy toebox and are zero drop (same height at front and heel) to allow natural movement
  • BottleYarn upper – recycled plastic bottles BreatheMesh upper for durable, ultra-breathable performance
  • ConnectMax EVA 2mm midsole for excellent ground connectivity when worn without insole
  • Flexile removable 2.5mm insole to tune fit and increase shock absorption
  • Freet 5in1 asymmetric forefoot for natural foot shape allowing toes to spread naturally
  • Conventional lace – 2 x pairs included; Black shoe – plain black and black with white
  • MultiGrip performance outsole for light trail and pavement grip & durability
  • Black with Charcoal lining
  • Worn with or without socks
  • For wetter, colder conditions wear with our waterproof sock (sold separately)
  • Vegan
  • Stack height: 8.5mm with insole; 5.5mm without insole

Sizes 37-49. This product is an ‘average’ size.
Weight 435 grams size pair 42



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Sizing Help

Although a little more generous than our older styles, on average people still go one EU size larger than their ‘average’ shoe size, especially if you prefer ‘roomy’.

The length and width of the insole of this shoe is as below. Remember the shoe has good volume in the forefoot so the actual comfortable width of this shoe will be a few mm greater than this ‘flat’ measurement. Fit is personal, but most people will prefer to have at least 1/4 inch spare room in front of your largest toe(s):

USA Sizing (Inches):

Size 37 (USA w6.5)/9 1/4 inch length, 3 5/8 inches width, Size 38(USA w7)/9 1/2 inch length, 3 3/4 inch width, Size 39 (USA w8)/9 3/4 inch length, 96mm 3 3/4 inch width, Size 40 (USA w8.5)/10 inch length, 3 7/8 inch width, Size 41 (USA w9.5)/10 1/4 inch length, 3 7/8 inch width, Size 42 (USA mUSA 8.5)/10 3/8 inch length, 4 inch width, Size 43 (USA m9.5)/10 5/8 inch length, 4 inch width, Size 44 (USA m10.5)/10 7/8 length, 4 inch width, Size 45 (USA m11.5)/11 1/8 inch length, 4 1/8 inch width, Size 46 (USA m12)/11 1/2 inch length, 4 1/8 inch width, Size 47 (USA m13)/11 7/8 inch length, 4 1/4 inch width, Size 48 (USA m14)/12 1/8 inch length, 4 1/2 inch width, Size 49 (USA m15)/12 1/4 inch length, 4 5/8 inch width

Length and width measurements taken as follows:

Insole where to measure

Europe/Rest of World Sizing (metric mms):

Size 37/233mm length, 92mm width, Size 38/240mm length, 94mm width, Size 39/246mm length, 96mm width, Size 40/252mm length, 99mm width, Size 41/258mm length, 101mm width, Size 42/264mm length, 103mm width, Size 43/270mm length, 105mm width, Size 44/276mm length, 107mm width, Size 45/283mm length, 109mm width, Size 46/291mm length, 110mm width, Size 47/300mm length, 112mm width, Size 48/307mm length, 114mm width, Size 49/313mm length, 116mm width

Shipping & Returns

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