List of Best Natural Foot-Shaped Shoes to Consider

Flat, Wide & Flexible

We recommend footwear that is flat, widest at the ends of the toes and flexible in the sole. This shoe list highlights footwear that encourages natural foot and body movement, optimizes foot strength and promotes proper toe alignment. Brands and models included in this list may meet one of two possible certifications: Correct Toes Approved or Natural Foot Approved (both explained below).

Note: While we try to keep our shoe list as up-to-date as possible, some links may be broken due to the discontinuation of shoe models or updates to company websites. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

CT approved seal
Correct Toes Approved™

• Works well with Correct Toes toe spacers, but still may not fit every foot
• All of the qualities listed under Natural Foot Approved

Works for Some Seal 2.25.19
Works for Some

• May accommodate Correct Toes for some but not for others. For individuals with wide feet, these shoes will be too narrow to wear with Correct Toes.
• Modifications may need to be used for Correct Toes to fit inside these shoes
• All of the qualities listed under Natural Foot Approved

natural foot approved1
Natural Foot Approved™

• Zero Drop; in other words, no heel elevation
• No toe spring (or toe spring yields under bodyweight)
• Widest at tips of toes; allows natural toe splay
• Flexible; allows natural motion of the foot

Transitioning to Natural Footwear

All muscles throughout the body must be worked in order to maintain tone. As a result of wearing conventional footwear with rigid arch support or using conventional footwear in combination with orthotics, the foot becomes prone to weakness and toe deformities over time. We assume that muscle atrophy will occur once a cast is placed on an arm, and that the recovery process will involve slow and progressive movement to regain strength and muscle tone. The rehabilitation process for feet confined to conventional footwear for years or decades is very similar to this. When removing arch support or conventional arch orthotics and changing to naturally shaped and flexible footwear, equal precaution and progressive adaptation should be expected. Click the button below to learn how to safely transition from conventional footwear to more foot-healthy models.

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