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Unlike the authors of many of the testimonials on this site, I am not an elite athlete.  I’m just a middle-aged ‘Grammy’ who has tried to stay active and healthy throughout the years. A few years ago, I began experiencing the pain of Morton’s neuroma in BOTH feet. This was debilitating, leaving me unable to walk most mornings, let alone do any sort of more vigorous activity. This led to a great deal of anger, frustration, tears and depression. Couldn’t exercise – might as well eat!

Many trips to podiatrist(s) left me with few options (alcohol injections, potential surgery, and LOTS of medical bills), but no relief.  As a last resort, I did what many people do – I searched the web!

Correct Toes to the rescue! Almost as a last resort, I bought a pair.

What a life changer!  That may sound dramatic, but it is true. From day 1, I was walking without pain (I keep them right next to my bed so I can slip them on first thing in the morning).  I also purchased some Correct Toes approved shoes (also a life changer!) Fast-forward 3 months; I am back to exercising daily (even jogging a bit!) which has completely changed my lifestyle and my mindset.

I call them my “magic toes” or my “happy toes.” Sometimes it’s the simple things that make such a huge difference.  THANK YOU from the bottom of my feet!

Tammy Harris

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