Testimonial- Ricky


One thing our Correct Toes team loves most is seeing the change that comes from people embracing a new outlook on foot health!

We’ve been fortunate to receive email updates from Ricky, a Correct Toes wearer in Japan.  Ricky bought his first pair of Correct Toes back in June 2012 and has since seen some great improvements in his feet.  He had moderate bunions, flat feet, and burning sensations in his metatarsals from standing for long periods of time at his job.  Through an internet search Ricky found our website and ordered his first pair of Correct Toes!

The  far left is a picture of Ricky’s feet 3 days after receiving his Correct Toes. Then Ricky’s feet 6 weeks (middle) and 3.5 months (right) after wearing Correct Toes.  Big difference!

Here is what Ricky has to say about his Correct Toes experience so far~

Here are my feet 3 mo after.  A lot of that stretchy feeling is gone.  It feels nice and loose at the bottom of feet.   Almost no stiffness at end of day when I wear minimal shoes.  In the Birkenstock, when I feel like I don’t want to walk like a ninja all the time it will stiffen up.  I am now back to 3 x a week jump roping 20-25 min a day only in the vivobarefoot shoe.

I modify the correct toe to accommodate the shoes.   I split off and made a separate spacer between 3-4 toe to bring the toes in closer.  The great toe and toe 2-3 are connectedly spaced. I still wear the 5 toe set up at night …
I follow all of the doctors stretch advise from the tube.
Well all for now

Our team would like to thank Ricky for graciously letting us share his Correct Toes journey so far!  We look forward to seeing continued progress.

And, guess what?  We want to hear from YOU too!  Send us some pictures and tell us your story of how Correct Toes has taken your feet from funky to functional!

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