Elite Distance Runners Rave About Correct Toes


(Portland, OR, 6/29/2012) — Correct Toes the revolutionary toe-spacing product designed by sports podiatrist Ray McClanahan—have found their way onto the feet of a prominent group of elite, Oregon-based runners. Dr. McClanahan, himself a former elite distance runner, thought Correct Toes might be helpful in improving performance and reducing injuries in this talented group, so he furnished team members with pairs of his silicon toe-spacing device. The response was overwhelming.

“Correct Toes are a great product, and I like wearing them because they make my stride more efficient and powerful,” notes Matt Tegenkamp, who will compete in the men’s 10,000-meter running event at the 2012 London Olympics later this summer. Lisa Uhl, who will represent the US in the women’s 10,000-meter event in London, is also a Correct Toes fan. “I feel more balanced when I put my Correct Toes on, and my feet feel stronger,” states Uhl. Brent Vaughn, the 2011 US Cross Country Champion, has also benefitted from consistent Correct Toes use. “My use of Correct Toes has greatly reduced the achiness and pain I get in my feet from running 100+ miles a week.”

Pascal Dobert—the runners’ strength and conditioning coach, three-time US steeplechase champion, and 2000 Olympian—says, “I think Correct Toes are an amazing product. I strongly suggest all my athletes wear them during functional training and throughout the day.” Heeding this advice is Evan Jager, recent winner of the Olympic Trials steeplechase, who has used Correct Toes as a recovery tool. Jager, who has posted a personal best time of 13:22 in the 5,000-meter event, states that, “Correct Toes were an important part of my rehab program coming back from foot surgery, and I continue to use them in training.”

Dr. McClanahan and the Correct Toes team are buoyed by the positive response from these elite athletes and are happy to be a part of this group’s gold medal ambitions at the upcoming 2012 London Olympics. Dr. McClanahan, who himself narrowly missed the Olympic Trials qualifying mark in the 5,000-meter event in the run-up to the 2000 Sydney Olympics, has long harbored ambitions of Olympic glory. “Participating in the Olympics has always been my personal dream, so it’s with absolute passion that I wish these runners a strong wind at their back as they pursue their own personal bests this summer.”

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