Barefoot Running – The Movie


We are so excited to share that Barefoot Running – The Movie, made by our friends and barefoot enthusiasts Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee, is now available for purchase!  This DVD is packed full of stories, helpful tips, great music, and beautiful scenery.  Please watch,enjoy, and share the barefoot running love!


Barefoot Running – The Movie, is an inspiring, entertaining, and educational look at barefoot running and how to get started. It was created by the husband and wife duo of Michael Sandler, and Jessica Lee, founders of RunBare and authors of BarefootRunning: How to Run Light and Free by Getting in Touch with the Earth and the upcoming book, Barefoot Walking: Free Your Feet, due out in March 2013.

Filmed in Maui, it’s unlike any instructional video out there, featuring breathtaking vistas and inspirational music, as you’re carried along on a journey toward running light and free, and discovering the pure joy of connecting with the earth.

Whether you’re in the heart of the city, or out in the middle of nature, whether a life-long barefooter, or a complete tenderfoot, you’ll find something in it for you.

To make this DVD, the authors sampled countless instructional videos and weren’t too inspired. They then challenged themselves to create a video that would surpass all other how-to videos and stand the test of time, viewed over and over again. So, they melded personal stories with stunning running montages and instructional pieces. It took 9 months of filming and editing on one of the most beautiful places on earth, to make the most gorgeous DVD they could.

It’s 76 minutes, 17 chapters, filled with amazing running, scenery, and entertaining lessons broken down into easy to understand, bite-sized pieces. It’s also filled with great music to get you pumped up and motivated for your own run. Consider it a cross between a Warren Miller ski movie and a Chi Running DVD.

Topics include everything from the basics, to warming up, pad-development, proper form, drills, stretching, recovery, road & trail techniques, plus connecting with nature, reawakening your senses, and even a barefoot running section for women. It also includes subtitles for the hearing impaired and ESL audiences, along with outtakes and beautiful photography.

By the end, you too will discover the pure joy and freedom of connecting with the earth, running stronger and lighter than you ever have before. As the authors say, Run Free & Run Bare!



For a little more background and info about Barefoot Running – The Movie check out this post from Barefoot Runners Society.

You can purchase Barefoot Running – The Movie on Amazon!

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