How to Make Extra Wide Toe Separators

All About Shims

Correct Toes are designed to be customized for individuals with a bunion or a tailor’s bunion. The 1st and 4th pylons are formed with an open, hollow cavity. This cavity can be filled to assist with progressive shifting of your feet as the 1st and 5th toes align over time. A shim is any material that can be used to spread or widen the hollow cavity within the Correct Toes 1st or 4th pylon.

CT important noteWe recommend at least 3 months of progressive and consistent Correct Toes use before trying this modification.
1 choose material
1 | Choose Your Material

We recommend soft foamy materials, like an old shoe liner. Do not use hard materials like metal, wood, acrylics or plastics; these can cause skin rubbing issues.

2 cut a square
2 | Cut A Square

Use a pair of scissors to cut a small square. This is your shim!

3 use tweezers
3 | Use Tweezers

Push tweezers through the pylon in your Correct Toes. Place the shim in the tweezers.

4 pull through
4 | Pull Shim Through

Gently pull the shim into place.

5 complete
5 | Complete

Your toes will feel the difference in spread. You may need to take time easing into this modification.

6 more material
6 | More Time + More Material
CT important noteAfter 3 months of consistent use, you may add another shim (if needed) to create a wider spread. Do not add a double shim in the beginning. This may cause a strain.

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