How To Transition To Natural Shoes

Smooth Transitions

Traditional shoe

The unnatural shoe examples below all have common features that we do not recommend such as: an elevated heel, toe spring and a rigid cast-like sole. Our feet are designed to function perfectly without these features, which can be harmful to our feet and overall alignment.

1 brooks
4 dansko
7 chaco1
Transition shoe

The transition shoe examples below feature some foot healthy qualities such as: little to no heel elevation or toe spring and a wide toe box that allows for natural toe splay. These shoes typically have more cushioning and less flexibility in the sole, which is good for someone starting to transition into natural footwear.

2 altra
5 oesh
8 birk1
Minimal shoe

The natural shoe examples below feature foot healthy qualities that work well with Correct Toes. These shoes do not have toe spring, are flat heel to toe, have a thin flexible sole and a wide toe box that allows for natural toe splay. This type of shoe is ideal.

3 pure
Vivo 1
6 ballerine

2 Month Shoe Transition Plan

Two month plan1
Fit at night, when feet are widest.

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