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Men Everyday Shoes

Barebarics I Revive | Natural Foot Approved

The Revive from Barebarics (partners of Be Lenka) is an excellent example of designing healthy and functional footwear with modern fashion trends. The toe box is generous and won’t cause or worsen bunions, but still felt a little snug when worn with unmodified Correct Toes inside. With the 5th toe …

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escalanate racer
Men Athletic Shoes

Altra I Escalante Racer | Correct Toes Approved

Just like the Escalante, but a little bit thinner and a little bit lighter. The Escalante Racer has a foot-shaped toe box wide enough to fit Correct Toes for most feet. The sole is flat with a slightly beveled toe spring but is zero-drop, so there’s no heel elevation. Compared …

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Explorer 2.0
Men Athletic Shoes

Men’s Magical Shoes I Explorer 2.0| Correct Toes Approved

It’s all in the name; these shoes are magical. The Explorer 2.0 is a do-everything shoe that’s great for most athletic activities and works well causally. The toe shape is wide and should fit Correct Toes for most. The Explorer is flat and level, without heel elevation or toe spring. …

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mens shoes cameron beige
Men Dress Shoes

Men’s Magical Shoes I Cameron | Correct Toes Approved

The Cameron from Magical Shoes is an excellent casual leather shoe that’s actually shaped like a foot. The toe box has ample room for toe splay and should fit Correct Toes for most people. The Cameron is also flat and flexible without heel elevation, toe spring, or arch support. Paired …

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Men Dress Shoes

Softstar I Primal Sawyer | Correct Toes Approved

Casual footwear doesn’t get much more natural, minimal, or barefoot than this. The Primal Sawyer from Softstar is the definition of foot-shaped with Correct Toes easily fitting for most. Those who have difficulty fitting their feet into other natural and barefoot brands might find more success with Softstar, which offer …

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Men Running Shoes

Xero Shoes I Prio | Correct Toes Approved

The Xero Prio is tried and true natural footwear that has stood the test of time. Around since 2009, many consider the Prio an “OG” of the natural, minimalist and barefoot shoe world. The Prio footbed is completely level—no heel elevation and no toe spring—with a 5.5 mm outsole. Paired …

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Men Dress Shoes

Wildling I Chestnut | Correct Toes Approved

The Chestnut is another fantastic Correct Toes Approved shoe from Wildling. Admittedly, the toe shape appeared a little snug with Correct Toes on at first, but after adjusting the lacing slightly, the soft and malleable upper allowed the toe box to comfortably expand and form to the shape of the …

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Vivobarefoot asana
Men Athletic Shoes

Men’s Vivobarefoot I Primus Asana | Correct Toes Approved

A superb piece of footwear designed by Vivobarefoot. The Asana is everything you love from Vivobarefoot assembled into sleek and stylish everyday sneaker. The toe shape allows for natural toe splay and should fit Correct Toes for most. The grippy, active outsole is flat and flexible, which encourages natural foot …

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magic shoes Aurora
Women Dress Shoes

Women’s Magical Shoes I Aurora | Correct Toes Approved

These everyday women’s sandals are stylish and super comfortable. The toe is shape is wide enough for splayed toes and Correct Toes to fit comfortably, with a soft leather loop around the big toe to secure the sandal. The footbed is completely flat, without any heel elevation or toe spring. …

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Magical shoes Moana
Women Dress Shoes

Women’s Magical Shoes | Moana | Correct Toes Approved

Another beautiful and functional sandal from our friends at Magical Shoes. These foot-shaped sandals allow for a natural and wide toe splay, and are compatible with Correct Toes. Correct Toes can be worn overtop of the toe thong or modified to allow the toe thong to fit within the big …

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