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Chelsea Boot Waterproof
Men Dress Shoes

Men’s Lems I Chelsea Boot Waterproof | Correct Toes Approved

One of our favorite new boots this winter season is the Chelsea Boot from Lems. Built on the same wide last as the Primal Zen, the Chelsea Boot is foot-shaped with an anatomical toe box that should fit Correct Toes for most. This boot is zero-drop (no heel elevation) with …

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Women's Xero Shoes I Gracie

Women’s Xero Shoes I Gracie | Correct Toes Approved

Like all Xeros, the Gracie has a wide toe box and has ample room for the toes to splay. However, we found the Gracie to be a little snug while wearing Correct Toes due to the waterproof rubber. People with more narrow or low-volume feet will be more likely to …

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Men Dress Shoes

Unisex SOM Footwear I HiLite | Correct Toes Approved

Handmade in Colorado, Sense of Motion Footwear is designed with foot health in mind. The HiLite is SOM’s do-it-all mid-top shoe with a water-repellent, abrasion-resistant, breathable, quick-drying upper. The rounded toe box is wide enough to fit Correct Toes for most people. They’re completely flat, with zero heel elevation and …

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Men Dress Shoes

Kids’ Be Lenka I Jolly Correct Toes Approved

Both the Jolly & Play are premium leather barefoot shoes with foot-shaped design, wide toe box, zero-drop, and thin & flexible 6 mm soles are specially designed for kids’ growing feet. Barefoot shoes with a perfect blend of looks and functionality! Both shoes fasten with two velcro straps across the …

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Men’s STR/KE MVMNT HAZE TRAINER | Natural Foot Approved

The Haze Trainer from STR/KE MVMNT is a versatile cross-trainer. The toe box is wider than most conventional brands but not as wide as many of the natural footwear brands. With the insole removed we were able to fit a modified pair of Correct Toes comfortably, but it was pretty …

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Men Dress Shoes

Unisex Feelgrounds I Chelsea | Correct Toes Approved

Our favorite pairs of natural footwear this winter are the Chelsea Boots from Feelgrounds. They have a wide, anatomically-shaped toe box that should comfortably fit Correct Toes for most people. The stack height is10 mm with a completely flat sole — no heel elevation or toe spring. These boots are …

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Primal pursuit
Men Athletic Shoes

Men’s Lems I Primal Pursuit Mid | Correct Toes Approved

Like the Primal Pursuit, the mid-top version is built on Lems “Wide” Natural Shape Last’, which isn’t their “Widest” last but should still fit Correct Toes for most people. They’re zero-drop, so they have no heel elevation; however, they do have a slight toe spring. The 14 mm outsole comes …

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altra boa
Men Athletic Shoes

Men’s Altra I Mont Blanc BOA | Correct Toes Approved

The Mont Blanc BOA from Altra is a lightweight long-distance trail running shoe with a dual-dial BOA Fit System that allows for a truly personalized fit. Built on the Altra “Standard Fit” last, the Mont Blanc BOA provides plenty of room for toe splay during your run. These trail runners …

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Unisex Wildling I Zora | Correct Toes Approved

The Zora from Wildling is a terrific all-around casual shoe. The anatomical toe box should fit Correct Toes for most people but might be a little snug for others. Like all Wildlings, the sole is completely flat and incredibly flexible. There’s no heel elevation, toe spring, or extra built-in support …

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Men Dress Shoes

Men’s Lems I Outlander | Correct Toes Approved

An excellent addition to Lems catalog, the Outlander is Lems first true all-season boot with a fully waterproof upper. The Outlander also features Lems new sticky rubber outsole that utilizes 4 mm deep lugs and zig-zag grooves to provide ample traction in rain, snow, and mud. As with most Lems, …

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