Shoe Adjustments to Add Width

Customize Your Shoes

To gain additional width in shoes that are slightly too narrow, try these modifications:
Note: Try these modifications on a pair of old shoes first. Use extra caution when handling sharp tools.

CT shoemodifications 1
1 | Remove Shoeliner

Shoe liners take up extra volume inside shoes. Try wearing your shoes without the shoe liner.

CT shoemodifications 2
2 | Expand Forefoot

If you need more room across the forefoot try lacing your shoes 1 or 2 eyelets back. You may also add a small incision below the first eyelet for additional expansion.

CT shoemodifications 3
3 | Cut Slits on Sides

Some shoes have stiff material lining the sides of the shoe. Try adding small “gills” to allow for extra expansion.

CT shoemodifications 4
4 | Cut Slits on Toe Box

Some shoes have stiff material lining the top of the toe box. Try adding small rows of slits in the toe box to allow for extra expansion.

CT shoemodifications 5
5 | Use a Stretching Tool

To add more room in the toe box, try using a stretching tool such as a ball and ring shoe stretcher.

CT shoemodifications 6
6 | Modify Correct Toes
If your pinky is pushed out too far, or if your shoe is squeezing your pinky while wearing Correct Toes, you may cut off half of the pinky pylon. If this still persists you may cut off all of the pinky pylon.

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