How To Wear Correct Toes

CT removal1
Use Two Hands

Use two hands to put on or take off Correct Toes. Do not pull, or peel the product off as this can stress the silicone.

CT fit 2
Put On Correct Toes

Correct Toes may look like this on your toes.

CT fit 1
Move Around for Comfort

Or they may look like this. What is most important is that Correct Toes are comfortable on your toes.

CT howto 11
Start Slow

Start with wearing your Correct Toes 30 minutes a day and adding 30 minutes each day.

CT howto 21
Wear When Active!

Correct Toes are most effective when worn while active, not sleeping.

CT howto 31

The best way to see if Correct Toes will fit in your shoe is by standing on the shoe liner with Correct Toes on. All of your toes should fit on the liner.

CT howto 41

Correct Toes should be worn inside shoes that are completely flat.

CT howto 51

Look for shoes with a natural foot shape, widest at the tips of the toes.

CT howto 61

We recommend shoes that are flexible. This allows natural movement and articulation of your foot bones.

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