Why are my Toes Cold?


We don’t know about you, but one of the worst parts of cooler temperatures is getting cold feet. It’s an uncomfortable feeling, and one many of us are all too familiar with. Aside from temperature, however, one lesser known reason your feet and toes get and stay cold is poor circulation. Fortunately, it’s possible to improve blood flow to the areas that need it most. Below are several easy to implement strategies that can help keep your feet and toes nice and toasty all winter long.

Naturally, blood flow to your extremities can be limited (as they are furthest away from your heart). Factors such as cold temperatures only make it worse, leaving your lower limbs at a chilly disadvantage. In addition, feet are subjected to shoes with a tapering toe box. This constricts your feet and limits proper blood flow, which generates less heat. Even after your shoes have been removed, the lasting effects can pinch arteries, making the them unable to dilate and allow for proper blood flow. The solution? By wearing wider toe box shoes, you will increase blood flow and heat.

Natural shaped footwear is important, but it’s not the only way to increase circulation. Correct Toes have also been proven to increase blood flow throughout your feet. Using an infrared camera, a Correct Toes user from Spain showed that after an hour of wear on the foot, Correct Toes positively impacted the circulation to the toes.Circulation_1The darker areas represent lower blood flow, while the lighter areas are regions experiencing greater circulation and warmth; there is a difference of 5°F between the feet. When Correct Toes are worn, they align the bones and muscles to their natural position, opening the arteries and allowing blood flow to the ends of the toes.

Interested in enhancing localized blood flow? Dr. Ray McClanahan suggests using a hot capsaicin cream (such as Sombra) or sports cream, before a walk or run. Capsaicin comes from red pepper and is an external irritant that helps increase blood flow. Also, the use of toe socks will help keep the cream on the feet.  It will also prevent the toes from being squeezed, as they are in conventional socks.

We hope these tips will help your feet get and stay toasty – just remember to stay patient with the process. It takes time for blood vessels to open and let in the proper amount of circulation. Also, click here to see some cold weather footwear for a little, added help.

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