Why Wear Correct Toes on Both Feet?


Dr. Sanatan Golden is a doctor of physical therapy and a certified strength and condition specialist. We recently asked him to share why it’s important to wear Correct Toes on both feet, not just one. In this video, he shares 3 main reasons why this is beneficial.

1. Rehab & Prehab.
Example: Only your left foot may seem to need Correct Toes, but in actuality this is because your left foot is weaker than your right. If you only feel pain in your left foot, your right foot could soon experience this pain as well. By prehabing your right foot, you can actually build strength and prevent pain before it starts.

2. Environment: Footwear and Posture.
If our footwear is creating an environment that makes us more prone to injury, we want to counteract this by making equal adjustments on both feet. This puts our body into natural alignment.

3. Circulation & Neural Flow.
The goal is optimal blood flow and greater neural mapping. Our brain and feet have the amazing ability to talk with each other, but our footwear can limit that communication. Correct Toes can help awaken that connection and when worn on both feet, it doubles that connection. This allows the changes in our feet to be stimulated twice as much.

For more helpful videos about the benefits of Correct Toes, please visit our video library.

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