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I live in NYC so I could not visit the clinic, but just by reading the material which resonated with me that this is what I needed, I purchased the Correct Toes, a pair of Lems shoes , metatarsal pads, and an assortment of Toe Socks!

I was suffering from heel pain, neuromas in fourth toe of each foot, ingrown toe nail, burning in the metatarsal. A local podiatrist gave me several injections in the heel and advised me to ice, stretch . And when I questioned him “why the pain” he could not give me a solid explanation. Also for the past several years I have been getting chiropractic adjustments for my left hip which would “go out”, due to misalignment…Still no explanation. Rather I was made to feel that it was “my doing”: sleeping in the wrong position, making some “bad moves”…etc.

As of this writing I have had NO pain in my hip for past 7 weeks, since I started wearing Correct toes and Lems shoes. It felt so normal not to have pain, that I “forgot” I even had it… just noticed this a few days ago!!… getting out of bed in the morning No pain in my heel.

All my life l had to wear orthotics due to flat feet. The thought of walking in a flat shoe without the “support” of orthotics made me a bit anxious! The first time I actually went out in the street walking “barefoot” in the Lems shoes was…exhilarating. I felt a sense of well-being from the ground up. I was not just walking but “flying”! Thank you for making my feet look and feel healthy!

With Gratitude,
Nina Attar

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