Strength Training and Foot Health with Chris Duffin, Founder of Kabuki Strength and Bearfoot Athletics


Chris Duffin, is a world-class powerlifter, founder of Kabuki Strength Lab, Equipment, and Coaching, and founder of Bearfoot Athletics. Chris and Dr. Ray McClanahan, founder and inventor of Correct Toes, recently teamed up to discuss natural foot health as it relates to strength training in a 7-part YouTube series. The ideas discussed in these videos helped Chris to develop the Ursus (also available in as high-top), one of the most natural footwear options available specifically designed for weightlifting. See our Shoe Review of the Ursus below.

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7-Part YouTube Series with Dr. Ray McClanahan and Chris Duffin

About Chris Duffin, Kabuki Strength, and Bearfoot Athletics:

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Chris Duffin, known as the “Mad Scientist Strength,” is an ex-corporate executive turned inventor and movement professional with a remarkable and inspiring life story. He has positioned himself uniquely in the fitness world, bridging the gap from his experiences working with the top clinical rehab and sports professionals in the world as well as working in the trenches with athletes and S&C coaches. He promotes and uses evidence-based approaches in developing his coaching and strength training equipment. Chris keeps it simple with reinforcing clean natural movement patterns and then focusing on building strength, which we are all about at Correct Toes.

Chris is the only person in the world today squatting and deadlifting over 900lbs at his bodyweight and is one of the best powerlifters of our age – and one of the most respected strength coaches in the industry. Chris’s professional background prior to his current roles includes 18 years of diverse operations management experience in running aerospace, automotive, and hi-tech companies or divisions, utilizing his BS in Engineering and MBA. Chris also co-owns the Kabuki Strength Lab in Portland, Oregon and is CEO/Co-Founder of Kabuki Strength Equipment, providing innovative equipment and methodologies to the S&C field.

The story of Kabuki Strength is one of strength, perseverance, community, vision, and mission. that stands strongly on 4 pillars:

    1. 1. Designing, engineering, and manufacturing novel, innovative strength equipment to push the boundaries of health, performance, and strength
    2. 2. Research-based education.
    3. 3. World-class coaching services
    4. 4. Helping others and giving back to the community.


One of Chris’s latest ventures is Bearfoot Athletics, a footwear, apparel, and equipment line designed to “optimize the human-to-ground interface.” Their goal is to reconnect people’s feet to the ground by providing unique products that minimize foot restriction, maximize sensory feedback, and stimulate muscle engagement and proper alignment, allowing for improved athletic performance, body mechanics, and foot health; all features we support here at Correct Toes. Chris definitely did his homework and spent some time discussing and learning about natural footwear with Dr. Ray McClanahan, founder and inventor of Correct Toes, as he was engineering the Ursus (also available in as high-top), one of the most natural shoes available designed for weightlifting.


Bearfoot Athletics Ursus


This lightweight footwear comes with a toe box widest at the ends of the toes, which fits Correct Toes comfortably and passes the Shoe Liner Test. The sole is thin, flat, and flexible, yet super grippy, allowing for fantastic groundfeel without any slipping or sliding. The only feature the Ursus lost points on was its weight, which was only marginally heavy by minimalist and natural footwear standards, but perfectly acceptable for weightlifting.


Bearfoot Athletics is also a seller of Correct Toes, which fit comfortably together within the Ursus. When combined together, Correct Toes and the Ursus will take your foot strength (and lower leg strength and so on, following the chain up), to another level of fitness, developing your intrinsic balance and stability, increasing your gains, and reducing your chances of injury.


Written by Dr. Andrew Wojciechowski

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