Should I wear Correct Toes with my orthotics?


Correct Toes eliminate the need for conventional orthotics in most people by enabling your foot arch (i.e., your medial longitudinal arch) to support itself. (Read more about natural arch support). In general, we DO NOT recommend wearing Correct Toes in combination with orthotics; we instead recommend weaning yourself off orthotics—slowly and progressively—when introducing Correct Toes. Correct Toes are, by definition, an orthotic, though conventional custom orthotics are placed under your foot arch (instead of between your toes) and attempt to alter foot position by using an unnatural methodology (i.e., by propping up your foot arch).

In other words, custom arch orthotics are not natural in any way. In fact, they violate the natural anatomy of your foot’s arches by artificially lifting them and placing material under them in a manner never seen in nature or in human-made structures, such as arch bridges. They may, initially, help gain a more natural foot position, but they do so artificially and the results are temporary. Our toe orthotic, Correct Toes, supports your foot’s arches in the exact manner nature intended, by placing your toes in their ideal natural alignment. So here we have two different types of orthotics attempting to do the same thing: one violates the natural anatomy of the foot, the other provides natural alignment to the foot and toes, and thus balance and support. Correct Toes are particularly effective in enabling optimal foot health when used in combination with a completely flat shoe surface (i.e., when they are worn in a shoe that possesses no heel elevation, toe spring, or motion control features).

While most people do not need orthotics if they use Correct Toes in footwear that allows proper toe splay, there are a few rare individuals who, even with Correct Toes and proper shoes, may not be able to restore their own arch structures simply by using their foot naturally. These few individuals may, in fact, benefit from Correct Toes AND orthotics. In even rarer cases, where the combination of Correct Toes and orthotics does not restore foot arch structures, a surgical procedure on the ankle may be warranted. Of course, Correct Toes should be worn after this surgery to help maintain proper toe and foot alignment.

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