Modifications for Your Unique Feet


Who doesn’t like to “customize”?

While we’re sure there’s someone out there who would say they don’t, its human nature to want things the way you want them. We do it with our coffee, cars and just about anything we can. Although it’s fun to customize something to fit your personal taste, it’s crucial to have the option to customize when it comes to your health.  Since everyone’s foot is different and the individual needs of your feet can vary, we made sure that Correct Toes were designed with an ability to adjust to YOUR feet.  This way you can get the right fit for the best results, and not settle for trying to make your feet fit into something they weren’t meant to.

To make it as easy as possible to modify Correct Toes, we wanted to share some of our most popular modifications. If you don’t see what you’re looking for or have any questions, just let us know:


Too Much Spread OR Wrinkling/Bunching

Cut the pinky toe spacer in half to reduce the spread and reduce wrinkling. Clean up the edges after you made the initial cut to reduce rubbing/irritation.

1.1  1.2  1.3


Slide Off Your Feet When Walking OR Too “Tall” On Your Toes

Cut through the thick part of the base of the 1st and 4th pylons (or all pylons, if large) to have the product sit lower on your toes.

1.1                         1.2


Webbed Toes

Cut a crescent shape out of the pylon that goes between the partially webbed toes, or cut out the entire pylon that interferes with fully webbed toes.

1.1                                                             1.2.png

1.3                                                1.4.png


Rigid Hammertoes

Cut a hole on the top of the Correct Toes, where the ‘knuckle’ of your rigid hammer toe is, to allow the product to slightly stretch. You can also cut a crescent shape out of the top of the Correct Toes where the rigid hammer toe is.

1.1                    1.2

1.3                     1.4


More Spread for Your Bunion or Tailor’s Bunion

Add a shim to the big toe and/or pinky toe region to increase spread or allow the product to stay better on the feet. Shims should be made of a soft, foam-like material, similar to a shoe liner (we do recommend using Correct Toes for X days before making this modification).

1.1                   1.2


Nail or Callous Irritation

Cut away any area on the Correct Toes where the product is rubbing on the nail bed or top/bottom of the toes.

1.1 1.1  1.2


For the entire list of Correct Toes modifications and videos for each, click here. If there are any modifications or questions you can’t find the answer to, please contact our office or use the hashtag #CTmods to receive a reply.

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