Meet Jay Dicharry, PT.


Jay DicharryJay works as a physical therapist at Rebound PT in Bend, Oregon. He is a well-known author who has penned the books Anatomy for Runners (2012) and Run Like an Athlete (2013). We recently asked Jay a few questions. Here are his responses:

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your physical therapy practice.
I’m a physical therapist, researcher, author, and coach. I guess I come at injury prevention, treatment, and performance training at a bit different perspective than a lot of others. My years of working in the UVA Motion Analysis Lab, and my current REP Biomechanics Lab @ Rebound Physical Therapy in Bend, have really taught me to stop looking at symptoms, and starting identifying and fixing problems. Sometimes these problems require improving mobility, sometime they require improving stability, and sometimes they require improving strength and power. And it’s quite typical that the lines are blurred between “patients” and “optimizing athletes.” If you really understand the biomechanics of the sports they play, and keep your focus revolving on the end goal – which is always helping athletes achieve their goals in sport – you harness their motivation and combine it with cutting edge intervention to produce the best results.

How were you introduced to Correct Toes?
From Dr. Ray himself – he presented them at a conference I was a part of years ago. I was intrigued…..

How do you use Correct Toes in your practice?
In my experience, Correct Toes serve 2 critical roles. When they are worn, they improve the alignment of the toes and directly improve the individual’s dynamic stability. This produces a better training environment to work on closed chain stability and better dynamic stability in gait. But the great thing about Correct Toes is that they also produce benefits when you aren’t wearing them. Since they “cue” your foot to work better when wearing them, and you take thousands of steps daily, they help you “learn,” or even “train” your foot to work better over time.

What results have you seen in your clients using Correct Toes? Which types of people have benefited the most?
Improved recruitment of the muscles in the foot, improved foot strength, and improved passive mobilization of the plantar fascia. In short – a mobile and strong foot just works better.

What feedback have you received from your clients about the natural foot health approach?
Most patients say the same thing when they put [Correct Toes] on and stand on one leg – “wow – I feel 2x’s as stable”  – better alignment improves foot control.

An increasing number of healthcare professionals, fitness educators, and coaches/trainers throughout the world are incorporating Correct Toes into their practices. Do you see a role for Correct Toes and and its associated natural foot health principles in running, athletics, coaching, and physical therapy?
Yes – you train your heart and lungs, you train your strength in the weight room……why do so many folks forget about their feet? It’s your foundation! Train your feet! If people paid more attention to building a better athlete from the ground up, they’d spend a whole lot more time doing what they love.

Please feel free to share a client or personal testimonial, or a client’s story about recovery from a foot problem.
To be 100% honest – I lost count. I use [Correct Toes] a ton – from folks just out of a period of immobilization for an acute injury to tweaking that last bit of performance. They are a very unique product.

Thank you, Jay, for sharing your experience, and for helping keep Central Oregon’s athletes pain-free and strong!

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