Crafting Natural Footwear: Shoemaker Interview Series


Natural footwear is integral to foot health and the work that we do at Correct Toes. In this shoemaker interview series, we spoke with three shoemakers who promote natural foot health through their handcrafted footwear lines.

We hope you enjoy a deeper look into the stories behind Ahinsa Shoes, Softstar Shoes, and Shamma Sandals.


lukas-klimpera (1)

Ahinsa Shoes | Lukáš Klimpera, Founder

Ahinsa Shoes, founded by physiotherapist Lukáš Klimpera, is located in Prague, Czech Republic. Ahinsa is an old vedic term meaning “non-violence.” Klimpera and his team seek to uphold the principle of ahinsa by specializing in handcrafted footwear that is barefoot, vegan and ethically produced.

To find out more about Ahinsa Shoes, read our interview with founder Lukáš Klimpera.






Softstar Shoes | Tricia Salcido, Co-owner

Softstar shoes, founded by Tim Oliver in 1985, started as a shoe company for kids. Over the last 30 years, this made-to-order shoe company has expanded to include a variety of adult and kids shoe options. Each pair of Softstar shoes are handcrafted from premium leather and designed to promote the natural shape of the foot.

To find out more about Softstar Shoes, read our interview with co-owner Tricia Salcido.





Shamma Sandals | Josh Stiles, Founder

Shamma was born from a passion for barefoot running and the desire to create the best barefoot sandal available. Founder Josh Stiles began making sandals for family and friends before launching the company in 2013. Shamma updates the ancient huarache sandal with an easily adjustable lacing system and Vibram outsole.

To find out more about Shamma, read our interview with founder Josh Stiles.


*Header image courtesy of Softstar shoes.

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