Correct Toes vs. other toe-spacing products

1. Correct Toes go beyond simply “spacing the toes.” It is podiatrist-designed product that places each toe in the correct anatomical position in relation to the ground and to one-another. It mimics the natural barefoot position that is commonly seen in people who go barefoot for most of their lives.
2. Correct toes are designed by a podiatric physician (a.k.a., foot doctor), Ray McClanahan, DPM. Dr. McClanahan is an expert in foot anatomy and human physiology. Furthermore, Correct Toes are clinically tested on hundreds of patients, with outstanding success.
3. Most toe-spacing products are to be worn only while barefoot. Correct Toes are designed to be worn in shoes during weight-bearing activity, such as running, walking, hiking, and standing. They can also be used barefoot around your home or when you are practicing yoga, tai chi, qigong, or other movement arts. Wearing Correct Toes frequently and while weight-bearing leads to the most effective results.
4. Correct Toes promote balance. This is incredibly useful in yoga practice and therapeutic for people with Parkinson’s Disease. It is also useful for senior citizens in preventing fatal falls—a common injury among the elderly.
5. Correct Toes are constructed of medical-grade silicone, which make them both flexible and highly durable. They are comfortable and built to last. Correct Toes is a top-quality product!
6. We believe in supporting our economy and our environment. Correct Toes are made in the USA, and the packaging is re-usable and recyclable.
7. When used according to package instructions, Correct Toes offer customers a method of permanently fixing their foot/ankle ailments, without having to resort to custom orthotics ($-hundreds) or surgery ($-thousands). Correct Toes are a tremendously reasonably-priced alternative.
For more information about Correct Toes please visit our website.

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