Correct Toes Testimonial


We always love hearing feedback from our customers and patients about their journey towards natural foot health!  Below is Nancy’s Correct Toes testimonial.

“When your feet hurt, your whole body doesn’t function correctly! In May of 2012, I somehow hurt my right foot. I went to my regular podiatrist to have him check it out. He x-rayed the toe area to see what could be causing my severe discomfort. The x-ray did not reveal anything. But because there was severe pain at the joint between my big toe and the second toe, he administered cortisone shot to the affected area. That shot did provide me with comfort until July.

I decided to visit Dr. Michael Cocco, my chiropractor and acupuncturist.
When I walked into the examining room, I noticed Dr. Cocco had  rubberized devices between his bare feet. It was a set of your Corrected Toes! He suggested I might benefit from them and explained how they work. He directed me to your website where I watched all the videos and ordered my own set of Corrected Toes!

It is now January and I am pain free.  I can’t thank you enough for developing this product. I never want to have to have surgery on my feet.
Yet, I was at my wit’s end with the pain I was experiencing when this problem first occurred.

I love the toe stretches you suggest in your latest video release. They are so helpful!”

~If Correct Toes have helped bring your feet from hurting to healthy let us know.  We want to hear your story, see your pictures, celebrate your success!

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