Correct Toes FAQs


When can I expect to see results?

Of course, it will be different for different people. It depends on many factors, such as a person’s age, how often Correct Toes are used, level of physical activity, how often appropriate footwear is worn, etc. Most people experience some relief right away, with continued positive results over many months. For architectural changes to take place, some time and dedication is required.  For instance, in attempting to reverse a bunion, SOME movement of the big toe will likely be visible within a few months. Further progressive changes will continue over many months or years. Ultimately, it is an investment in life-long good foot health!  Read More.

How long do I need to wear Correct Toes?

Think of it this way. It took a lifetime for your feet to conform to overly narrow footwear. Over many years, your foot shape changed. Subsequently, all the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and soft tissues associated with standing, walking, running, etc adapted, or mal-adapted, to this slow change. It is certainly possible to un-do these negative changes, but it does not happen over night. Just as the negative changes took a long time to develop, so too will positive changes require some time. You should anticipate on wearing your Correct Toes for many years. Positive changes will occur sooner than that, but continued use will assure on-going natural foot health.

Where do I find shoes that work with Correct Toes?

This is a very important question! Unfortunately, almost all the footwear available on the market does not respect natural anatomy. In a natural foot, the widest part of the foot is at the ends of the toes, not at the ball. The trick to finding appropriate footwear is to make sure that the shoe is the same shape as your foot. The best way to test this is to pull the liner out of the shoe and stand on it. No part of your foot should hang over the liner. If it does, the shoe is too narrow. (See the diagram here). To help, we have compiled a list of shoes that are better than most. Always seek shoes that are completely flat, wide in the toe box, and flexible.  See also The Shoe Liner Test video for more information on proper shoe fit.

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