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Circulation is an important issue, especially as it pertains to your extremities. Blood flow to the points in your body farthest away from your heart, including your feet and toes, can become compromised for a variety reasons, including a cold environment. With wintery temperatures and conditions settling in, we thought it would be a good time to discuss the topic of cold feet; specifically, what are the best ways to prevent cold feet and toes in winter climates. We’ll take a look at several key strategies that can help keep your feet and toes toasty warm in the cold conditions you may encounter outside.

Optimizing Foot & Toe Circulation
One of the best ways to prevent cold feet and toes is to optimize or enhance foot circulation (i.e., blood flow). And one of the best ways to accomplish this particular goal is to use Correct Toes. Correct Toes, as explained in greater detail in our article entitled Correct Toes & Circulation: Visualized, enables optimal foot and toe circulation by spreading the toes. This allows more blood to enter and exit the foot, reaching foot and toe tissues—including the very ends of the toes—that may otherwise experience less-than-optimal circulation. And where there is healthy blood flow, there is warmth.

Other Helpful Strategies
In addition to wearing Correct Toes, other strategies to prevent cold feet and toes include wearing wide toe box boots that are thermal insulated, wearing wool toe socks (companies such as Injinji and Toesox offer wool varieties), wearing battery-powered socks, or using a product such as Toe Warmers by Grabber.

Dr. Ray’s Protocol
Correct Toes inventor Dr. Ray McClanahan periodically spends time in the Montana winter wilderness, and he has had good success in preventing cold feet by doing the following: wearing wide, thermal insulated boots, thick wool socks (from Toesox), Correct Toes, battery-powered socks over the Correct Toes/toe socks combo, and Toe Warmers. Dr. Ray states that this combination of footgear keeps his feet and toes pleasantly comfortable, even in single-digit temperatures.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using an uninsulated winter boot or shoe, we recommend NOT wearing your Correct Toes in freezing cold temperatures. The device itself can get quite cold, and it’s proximity to the toes can cause discomfort. Correct Toes are designed to be used either inside a thermal insulated boot in combination with warm wool socks and/or in reasonably warm temperatures.

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