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Arch Support

Arch Support

Since much of the current treatment for foot and ankle disorders is centered on supporting the arch, we thought it would be helpful to discuss what arch support really means and discuss whether it is necessary or desired in the active foot. In order to understand the treatment of rendering an arch support, one must …

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Why Shoes Make Normal Gait Impossible

In his article Why Shoes Make Normal Gait Impossible, Dr. William Rossi discusses the affect that shoes have on biomechanics and gait.  The following are excerpts from Dr. Rossi’s article.  Read the complete article here. “…natural is biomechanically impossible for any shoe-wearing person.  Natural gait and shoes are biomechanically incompatible because shoes automatically convert the …

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Bunions and Hammertoes

The following excerpts are from Dr. McClanahan’s article on bunions and hammertoes.  Bunions are a sometimes painful dislocation of the 1st metatarsophalangeal joint or 5th metatarsophalangeal joint that occurs primarily in shod or shoe-wearing populations. There have been many suggested causes of bunions, but the one cause that has been shown to be consistently reversible …

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Elite Distance Runners Rave About Correct Toes

(Portland, OR, 6/29/2012) — Correct Toes the revolutionary toe-spacing product designed by sports podiatrist Ray McClanahan—have found their way onto the feet of a prominent group of elite, Oregon-based runners. Dr. McClanahan, himself a former elite distance runner, thought Correct Toes might be helpful in improving performance and reducing injuries in this talented group, so …

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