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Barefoot Shoes and Toe Spacers – Are They Good?

Foot wearing toes spacers
Back in the late 2000s, a barefoot running renaissance started to emerge. Runners and active folks of all types were intrigued by Vibram FiveFinger "toe shoes" (introduced in 2005) and inspired by Christopher McDougall's Born to Run (published in 2009).

Why You Shouldn’t Ice An Injury – the RICE Method Myth | By Dr. Andrew Wojciechowski, ND

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The RICE protocol — Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation — has been the most popular treatment method for acute musculoskeletal injuries since Dr. Gabe Mirkin coined the term in his popular 1978 Sportsmedicine Book.

Five Natural Foot Care Strategies and Tips for Athletes

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Athletes! Many of you have sacrificed your feet to athletic footwear for far too long. It shouldn’t have to be this way. Sport-specific footwear is often full of the latest and greatest technology, designed to help protect the foot while enhancing athletic performance—yet basic human anatomy is ignored.

Everything About Shin Splints, Including Natural Treatment | By Dr. Andrew Wojciechowski, ND

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Shin splints, sometimes called medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS) or tibial periostitis/fasciitis, are one of the most common lower leg injuries seen in athletics. Shin splint pain typically radiates along the medial and posterior edges of the shin bone (tibia) and is often associated with a sudden significant increase in activity, such as initiating a new training regimen or playing a new sport.

What it means to be Correct Toes Approved | By Ray McClanahan, DPM

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Yes. Correct Toes toe spacers can be worn inside of natural footwear or naturally shaped shoes. Look for the Correct Toes Approved™ designation.
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